16Bit Dreams

16Bit Dreams is a concept I’ve been thinking of working on for quite some time. I had the name picked out because the first console I owned was a Super Nintendo, which was birthday gift that I received at the tender age of 7 (along with Super Mario Kart). And so my affair with gaming began. I remember playing Mortal Kombat for the very first time on that SNES (along with the “grey sweat”) when my family moved to Canada for a short while. I remember watching my brother play Super Metroid and I remember getting Donkey Kong Country for Christmas. I remember my first role playing game was Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, which I borrowed from my best friend at the time (who inevitably was the one who introduced me to RPGs), there was also Secret of Mana and one of the most well known RPGs, Chrono Trigger. From then on, the collection of games I played and completed on my SNES started to shape my interests in gaming.

I do remember playing video games pre-my SNES days, but those memories aren’t as vivid. I remember my family owning a ColecoVision (I remember a racing game that used a steering wheel and pedal) and the MSX. I do have some memories playing on the MSX, we owned Metal Gear; I remember mindlessly roaming around but inevitably, it was too much for my prepubescent mind to handle. I experienced a similar instance with Castlevania. I also remember a Kung Fu fighting game, a racer (F-1 Spirit) and a shooter (Salamander), but that’s about it.

I was also into gaming on the PC when I was younger. My first recollection of that would be Canon Fodder, Theme Park (and Theme Hospital), Sim City, Worms and my favorites Doom, Duke Nukem & Quake. My love for gaming on the PC died when I ended up with a Playstation.

I’m against the notion that gaming is non productive form of entertainment, that gaming is harmful to children (or teenagers… young adults, and so on). This blog is a place for me to express my points and ideas, and to also write about what things excite me in the gaming community. I’ll discuss the games I’m playing, but I won’t give them scores (I also believe the review system of video games is flawed, but that’s a topic for another day).

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2 Responses to 16Bit Dreams

  1. Mathew Jacob says:

    I think the first game I ever played was Digger. It was on my neighbor’s IBM PC (sometime in the late 80s) and before the invasion my brother and I had an Atari 2600, we dumped it in Kuwait when we left and later got a Sega 16-bit in 93(or 94) and thats when we first played MK. My brother and I were dumbfounded whenever we saw the CPU execute fatalities on us when we failed a round. That was one of the most unforgettable things in my gaming experience. 😀

    • Patrick says:

      I remember scouring video game magazines for MK move button combinations and then when MK 2 came out, the internet was around, so we used to print it out from a site. Good times 😀

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