Club Nintendo

Nintendo was founded in 1889, but it did not delve into the gaming industry until 1974. It is a company that has gained a lot of respect worldwide; a lot of people have played Super Mario, or have heard of the name at the very least. It has lasted this long because it’s been doing quite a few things right. It’s an innovator of the gaming industry; the N64 was the first console to use an analogue stick on its controller and the Wii was the first to adopt motion control. However, there is one thing in particular that I wish other companies would adopt, which is a system similar to Club Nintendo.

Club Nintendo is a reward based system. Every time you buy a product created by Nintendo, you get a code (that you find inside the box) to input at the Club Nintendo website and receive “gold coins”, depending on the product you’ve purchased. I have received 160 coins for my 3DS and 50 for Super Mario Galaxy 2. Once you gather enough coins, there’s a huge list of rewards you can get. I took a snapshot of some of the products they have available.

Microsoft should consider implementing this system as well. If customers receive a code every time they purchase Xbox 360 products (such as games, controllers, cables), this code can then be redeemed for points to spend in the Xbox Live Marketplace. I thought it was a nice move by Sony to let gamers download a game for free after their network was hacked. This is the exact kind of customer service that keeps gamers loyal. Similarly, Nintendo offered Excitebike for a free download at the opening of the 3DS eStore. Competition seems to increase with every generation of consoles that get released. It would be interesting to see what Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony do to capture more customers in the coming years.

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