A Geek’s Fantasy: Cave Story

I think a lot of gamer geeks dream of creating a game that becomes a cult hit with passionate followers that eventually makes it onto PCs, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo consoles.

That was the case with Cave Story creator Pixel (real name Daisuke Amaya). He started working on Cave Story while he was in college and continued working on it in the span of five years during his spare time as he worked as a software developer. Since it’s release on the Internet, an independant video game company called Nicalis teamed up with Pixel to bring Cave Story with updated artwork and new gameplay modes to Nintendo’s Wii, as a WiiWare download.

Cave Story is a 2D action/adventure game reminiscent to the Castlevania and Metroid franchises. Your character can collect multiple weapons while progressing through the game and can collect items dropped by enemies you defeat to increase the energy of an equipped weapon. The game takes place in caves (duh!) of a floating island, and you must stop a megalomaniac Doctor from conquering the world.

“So massive that it rivals modern GBA Castlevania and Metroid games in terms of scope and play time” 1UP.com

A homebrew version of the game was also available for the Xbox and Playstation Portable, the original game is available as freeware on Window’s and OSX. A 3DS version of the game is in the works to be released in November.

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