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Zelda Dubstep!

My good friend Saleem from Press R1 steered me towards this dubstep remix of the Lost Woods track from Zelda. I’m not a huge fan of dubstep, but this track is pretty amusing. Speaking of Press R1, you guys should … Continue reading

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Portal Live Action Short

This is one of the best live action short video’s I’ve seen. Feels authentic and it looks like what I would imagine a Portal movie to be.

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Walking Through Paintings & El Shaddai

Have you ever stared at a painting or a piece of art and wished you could become a part of it, wished you could explore it? I’ve always been fascinated with that idea. Part of my dream came true when … Continue reading

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Contra will make you a man!

Another week of no blogging. This time it’s due to the fact that I’ve gotten a full-time job and just haven’t settled in yet, to work out a schedule to blog (before work, after work?). I have a few topics … Continue reading

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Parents Upset Over New Nintendo Console – Circa 1991

There are a few things with this video that makes it more amusing than it actually is. The news anchors hair, the use of the word Nintenpendant, people complaining that an SNES cost $200, the 3D effect in F-Zero is … Continue reading

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Happy 25th Samus!

The Metroid franchise celebrated it’s 25th anniversary yesterday. I can’t stress enough how amazing this series has been over the years and it includes one of the best games ever made in the history of gaming, Super Metroid. I remember … Continue reading

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Piranha Plant Earrings! (and other Nintendo themed jewerly)

Elizabeth Kohn is quite a talented jewelry designer on Etsy. She mainly designs Nintendo themed jewelry (Super Mario, Zelda, Kirby), but also designs earrings, necklaces or charms based on other themes; Such as Adventure Time’s Jake, Finn or Princess Bubbles, … Continue reading

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