Happy 25th Samus!

The Metroid franchise celebrated it’s 25th anniversary yesterday. I can’t stress enough how amazing this series has been over the years and it includes one of the best games ever made in the history of gaming, Super Metroid.

I remember watching my brother play Super Metroid on our SNES in 1994, I remember how amazing I thought it was, the world, the monsters & boss fights, the music. The game included a non-linear environment to roam around in, which was unprecedented at the time, there weren’t many games that would let you roam around levels like Super Metroid did. Metroid on the NES innovated this concept of free roaming, the only other game to have the same level of freedom was The Legend of Zelda which was released 4 months before Samus was introduced.

I highly recommend Super Metroid, it has aged well over time.

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