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Of Man and Weakness

Zac Gorman is back with another great animated comic inspired by Zelda. This is probably my favorite. If you check his blog out you’ll see he has drawn comics inspired by Final Fantasy, Metal Gear and some other video games, … Continue reading

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Battlefield 3: PC vs. PS3

With Battlefield 3’s release date coming up soon, comparisons between the different versions are popping up around the web. Obviously the PC version will be superior, but by how much?

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Three Months of Gaming

Here is a list of games that I find interesting that are coming out in the next few months. Positives? When was the last time gamers have had a month like October or November, I personally can’t remember a time … Continue reading

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Strangest Game Trailer of the Year: Tokyo Jungle

It seems every year we wait for that game trailer that raises the question: “What did I just watch?” This year, that award goes to Tokyo Jungle. I wasn’t sure what the game was actually about (all the text is … Continue reading

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Pixel Couch!

This pixel couch is designed by Cristian Zuzunaga and it’s one of the many pixel-based work he has on show on his website, which also includes some fashion design as well as other furniture based work. Barcelona-born, London-based Cristian Zuzunaga … Continue reading

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution the Final Frontier

Growing up with a healthy dose of science fiction in my life, I often found myself immersed in books like ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’ and anime like ‘Ghost in the Shell’. Unknowingly, I was introducing myself to the … Continue reading

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