Strangest Game Trailer of the Year: Tokyo Jungle

It seems every year we wait for that game trailer that raises the question: “What did I just watch?” This year, that award goes to Tokyo Jungle. I wasn’t sure what the game was actually about (all the text is in Japanese) at first, my assumptions were you could play as any animal you want while exploring Tokyo. What was the goal of the game? I had no clue. Wikipedia then shed some light on the game:

The game takes place in a deserted, futuristic Japan, in which the city has transformed into a vicious wildlife wasteland. Tokyo Jungle is set to be released in Winter of 2010.

The game will offer two game modes, Story Mode and Survival Mode. In Story Mode you play as either a Pomeranian or a race horse and as you progress through the story you’ll eventually find out why humans have vanished. In Survival Mode, the player takes control of an animal and fights for survival against other animals for as long as possible, pretty straightforward. There will also be online leaderboards so you can compare how well you did to other gamers around the world.

There are 50 breeds and 80 types of animals to be expected. Animals confirmed for Tokyo Jungle include lion, crocodile, tiger, giraffe, chimpanzee, hippo, cheetah, chimpanzee, gazelle, chicken, beagle, tyrannosaurus, hyena, and fox. As the player plays through the game, additional playable animals will be unlocked.

I’m not sure how a T-Rex fits into all this, but that just sounds amazing. Will this game be released outside of Japan? It doesn’t seem like it so far, but anything is possible. Maybe if the trailer raises enough eyebrows, it might be released in limited quantity in Europe and North America.

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