Three Months of Gaming

Here is a list of games that I find interesting that are coming out in the next few months. Positives? When was the last time gamers have had a month like October or November, I personally can’t remember a time so many good games were being released in such a short period.

Now there is a negative here and it is something that has been plaguing the gaming entertainment industry for quite some time. Out of the 10 games I’ve listed below, 9 are sequels and one is an original title. New titles just do not seem to make enough cash for developers and when they do, they start development on a sequel. Now is this really such a bad thing? Not necessarily, because over the months brand new titles have been released (LA Noire, El Shaddai, Catherine, Dead Island).

It would be interesting to see how much profit is made in the next two months, it’ll definitely be something I’ll be keeping my eye on.

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