Straw Hat Legacy Questions Answered & First Impressions

In my previous post I was able to interview the guys behind EvilEggPlant Studios about their inspirations, goals and aspirations and a few other topics. I was also able to ask them about their first game, Straw Hat Legacy.

Having played the game myself, I found it to be entertaining and challenging. The point of the game is to see how far you can go without bumping into any obstacles or falling into rivers or falling off of cliffs.

You start off in a level with just two lanes while you get accustomed to the way the game plays. Obstacles will be randomly generated that you’ll need to dodge or jump over, the more you’re successful at that the faster your character runs. The game will punish you for having slow reflexes and not looking ahead. As you progress to the next level, a lane is added so you have to move between the three, while avoiding objects and jumping over gaps. I have to say it feels good avoiding a barrel and hearing the sound of your ninja as she successfully moves to the other lane.

The game keeps track of your high scores and has an online leaderboard so you can compare your high scores to other players around the world. The game also offers a unique visual style, with backdrops that look like paintings and illustrations and music that fits the ambiance of the setting.

Straw Hat Legacy Appstore Page

So on to the questions!

What kind of game is it going to be? Give a brief description on the game play elements and what we can expect.

Avak: Straw Hat Legacy is a runner game, in which, you play as the main character “Yuki” who runs through different environments and progressively gains speed and distance accumulation as she dodges and jumps over obstacles. The game allows the person to play in his preferred method, as most situations will introduce more than one route. For example, players could play the game using dodges mostly, jumping mostly, or a mix between the two. Though, there will be circumstances where the person will have to use both actions consecutively. We believe that it’s important to allow the player to achieve his highest score through a method of playing which suites his preference.

Is there some sort of narrative? What’s the story?

Wael: Though this game is an arcade/adventure game, there is an intricate storyline, which will come to light throughout the various update packages. At the moment we wont reveal what the complete storyline is, though we will give the background story to the game.

“Yuki, the beloved daughter of the honorable and noble Lord Kubo of the Kishimoto Empire, was only a child when after longstanding ferocious war the evil Lord Nobunaga invaded the Empire of Kishimoto and dethroned Lord Kubo. Drawing on his last breath, the honorable Lord Kubo who had been renowned throughout the lands for his majestic Straw Hats, entrusted his most loyal Samurai, named Takashi, with the care and protection of his beloved daughter the empress Yuki.

Using his local knowledge, cunning and wit Samurai Takashi planned and executed the escape of Yuki through the perilous underground labyrinths and tunnels of Kishimoto castle escaping to the peaceful tranquility and seclusion of the Nobee forests where they lived in peace for many years undetected. When Yuki turned sixteen years old, Sensei Takashi is found training Yuki in the art of swift and precise movement, and dodging skills, which he learnt as a Samurai.”

How long has the studio been working on the game?

Avak: We have been working on this game for approximately five months.

Do you plan to support the game post-release, as in, releasing new levels or characters?

Wael: This game will have huge amounts of content added into it throughout the coming year with several different forms of updates. We will be releasing content upgrades, storyline upgrades, and core updates.

Is there any other information that you want people to know?

Avak: Being gamers ourselves, it has been a huge privilege to contribute to the wonders of gaming, it has been a dream come true for us in many aspects!

I would also like to thank you Patrick and 16Bit Dreams for this great interview.

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