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Quick Thoughts: the iPhone Edition

I used to dislike playing games on my iPhone because the idea of only using the touch-screen to control the game and nothing else did not appeal to me. It felt clumsy and inaccurate. But I feel that more recently … Continue reading

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Quick Thoughts: Skyrim, TLoZ: Skyward Sword, Cave Story 3D

THE ELDER SCROLLS V: SKYRIM Time spent playing – 62 hours I knew Skyrim was going to be an improvement over Oblivion, but I didn’t realize it was going to be such an impressive jump. Visually speaking the game is … Continue reading

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The Super Mario indie flick & Shigsy’s Birthday!

Today is Shigeru Miyamoto’s 59th birthday and I was trying to figure out what to post to celebrate one of the most influential video game designers of our time. Then I found this: Probably one of the coolest “fake” movie … Continue reading

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Straw Hat Legacy Questions Answered & First Impressions

In my previous post I was able to interview the guys behind EvilEggPlant Studios about their inspirations, goals and aspirations and a few other topics. I was also able to ask them about their first game, Straw Hat Legacy. Having … Continue reading

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EvilEggPlant Studios, Made in Lebanon

When I set out to create this blog, my intentions was not to just post my opinions on video games, post videos or images that I like. I wanted to be able to write about indie developers from the Middle … Continue reading

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A Geek’s Fantasy: Cave Story

I think a lot of gamer geeks dream of creating a game that becomes a cult hit with passionate followers that eventually makes it onto PCs, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo consoles. That was the case with Cave Story creator Pixel … Continue reading

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