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8-Bit Google Maps

Google introduces Google Quest an 8-Bit version of Google Maps in this hilarious video. The Google Quest logo and music is quite reminiscent to Enix’s very popular RPG series, Dragon Quest.

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What was Mario’s original name?

It’s-A-Me Super Guido! I was watching Pawn Stars and this gem showed up, thought it was pretty amusing, especially choice B Guido. What I particularly like about this show is that throughout a specific segment they’ll reveal tidbits of information … Continue reading

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The Super Mario indie flick & Shigsy’s Birthday!

Today is Shigeru Miyamoto’s 59th birthday and I was trying to figure out what to post to celebrate one of the most influential video game designers of our time. Then I found this: Probably one of the coolest “fake” movie … Continue reading

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RAGE Easter Egg: (Old school)-Game in a Game

We all enjoy some nostalgia in our lives, reminds us of the “good old days”. Id has taken that to a new level and literally sticking the old into the new. Check out this easter egg found in RAGE, a … Continue reading

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Pixel Couch!

This pixel couch is designed by Cristian Zuzunaga and it’s one of the many pixel-based work he has on show on his website, which also includes some fashion design as well as other furniture based work. Barcelona-born, London-based Cristian Zuzunaga … Continue reading

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Parents Upset Over New Nintendo Console – Circa 1991

There are a few things with this video that makes it more amusing than it actually is. The news anchors hair, the use of the word Nintenpendant, people complaining that an SNES cost $200, the 3D effect in F-Zero is … Continue reading

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The MSX & Sakhr

My brother has an image gallery up of all the MSX (Sakhr if you’re Arabic) games we used to own. In the collection you’ll see Metal Gear (pictured above), Castlevania, Salamander, F1-Spirit, the Castle & Zanac. These were some really … Continue reading

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