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Pixel Couch!

This pixel couch is designed by Cristian Zuzunaga and it’s one of the many pixel-based work he has on show on his website, which also includes some fashion design as well as other furniture based work. Barcelona-born, London-based Cristian Zuzunaga … Continue reading

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Walking Through Paintings & El Shaddai

Have you ever stared at a painting or a piece of art and wished you could become a part of it, wished you could explore it? I’ve always been fascinated with that idea. Part of my dream came true when … Continue reading

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Stay Down!

I previously posted about comic artist Zac Gorman and his “animated” Zelda inspired web comics. I was planning on leaving it at that, but when I saw his most recent artwork, I just couldn’t help the urge of posting about … Continue reading

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Box Art[ist]

I believe box art plays an important role in the presentation of a video game. It should reveal the characters and aspects of the game play, but I don’t think it should spell it out for the audience. More recently, … Continue reading

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We can be friends

I’m always looking out for interesting fanart inspired by video games. I found this little creative “animated” comic by artist Zac Gorman on his I Draw Nintendo Tumblr. So be sure to check it out, he has an interesting style … Continue reading

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