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Joel McHale (think Community) Goes Viral for Nintendo

Nintendo has teamed up with¬†Joel McHale to bring a “viral” Nintendo 3DS ad to life. It worked out pretty well, there’s some good humor and a lot of randomness to it all, which fits well with Joel McHales show¬†Community.

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Andy Richter Voice-Overs in Skyrim

Andy Richter is pretty well known as being the partner in crime on Conan O’Briens late night talk show, but little did we know he had a role working on Bethesda’s epic game, Skyrim.

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Pwn Stars in the Video Game Universe

So what would Pawn Stars be like if it existed in the video game universe? Something like this:

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Game Fails of 2011

I was just tweeted this video of Rooster Teeth “Game Fails of 2011” and I was laughing through it all, there are some hilarious clips due to bugs, glitches or just dumb gamer moments.

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Battlefield 3, pull off a Bond, James Bond.

You see these kind of videos for all kinds of games, some gamers who are really skilled can pull off some amazing, wacky stunts in games, so it’s no surprise we already have one of those kind of videos for … Continue reading

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Battlefield 3: PC vs. PS3

With Battlefield 3’s release date coming up soon, comparisons between the different versions are popping up around the web. Obviously the PC version will be superior, but by how much?

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Snake, Snaaake, SNAAAKE

Couldn’t find the source, this webcomic has been everywhere though.

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