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Pwn Stars in the Video Game Universe

So what would Pawn Stars be like if it existed in the video game universe? Something like this:

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Robin Williams, The Legend of Zelda Spokesperson?

When Ocarina of Time was about to be released, I posted an advertisement Nintendo put out featuring Robin Williams and his daughter Zelda, since then Robin Williams has been featured in a few more Zelda related ads, this one being … Continue reading

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Of Man and Weakness

Zac Gorman is back with another great animated comic inspired by Zelda. This is probably my favorite. If you check his blog out you’ll see he has drawn comics inspired by Final Fantasy, Metal Gear and some other video games, … Continue reading

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Three Months of Gaming

Here is a list of games that I find interesting that are coming out in the next few months. Positives? When was the last time gamers have had a month like October or November, I personally can’t remember a time … Continue reading

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Zelda Dubstep!

My good friend Saleem from Press R1 steered me towards this dubstep remix of the Lost Woods track from Zelda. I’m not a huge fan of dubstep, but this track is pretty amusing. Speaking of Press R1, you guys should … Continue reading

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New The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Comic-Con Trailer

This game looks better and better, the trailer shows various areas in the game, towns and dungeons. The game is pretty to look at, that’s for sure. Source

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Stay Down!

I previously posted about comic artist Zac Gorman and his “animated” Zelda inspired web comics. I was planning on leaving it at that, but when I saw his most recent artwork, I just couldn’t help the urge of posting about … Continue reading

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